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Where vintage vibes blend modern all-inclusive love into a rustic yet elegant setting, Making your wedding day historic.
Historic Ann's 1983

Historic Ann’s 1893


We created a versatile, affordable, low stress Event venue


David and I have taken into account every detail you would need on your wedding weekend, from the Friday set up and rehearsal, to the Saturday preparations and photos, to the ceremony, reception, and after party!  Our overnight accommodations of two suites inside the venue along with stand alone separate groom’s and bride’s houses, make the weekend even easier!  We even include a relaxed Sunday morning check out if needed. All is set up by us and ready for you on Friday when you check in so that you may remain on-site, stress free, focusing solely on loved ones and the special commitment you are about to make to one another, and not on running back and forth from place to place. You supply the photographer, caterer, people, and the love, and we take care of the rest; at Historic Ann’s 1893, we’ve got it all made easy for you!

Julie Hill, owner
Customer Advisory Board Member, The Knot Worldwide

Historic Ann’s 1893

How we Expanded the Event Venue’s Footprint

Our 5000+ square foot venue was built in 1893 and is on the official National Registry of Historic Places certified by the US National Parks Service. Originally the D.W. Beckham Residence, circa 1885, Historic Ann’s 1893 is in the Roulhac District, Union City’s first subdivision.  Julie Hill and David Coffey purchased the property from Ann Moore in September of 2018, and spent 12 months fully restoring, renovating, and updating the original venue, Historic Ann’s 1893. Since then, David and Julie have expanded the footprint of the total venue to 4+ acres including Pam’s Meadow, a beautiful large outdoor ceremony/reception space, and two additional homes for overnight lodging options on site. Gloria’s on Exchange is our Groom’s House and Rosie’s Retreat is our Bridal House. These homes are right next to each other and a stones throw from both the original venue and outdoor ceremony/reception spaces. All is conveniently located so you can relax and focus on your loved ones in a no stress environment! Our beautiful venue has it all, serving as the perfect place for you, your friends, and your family to make beautiful memories together!